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Kickstart Your Digital Infrastructure Journey with Inflect

Inflect stands as a beacon in the digital infrastructure landscape, bridging consumers with top-tier service providers. Whether your aim is to purchase, vend, or consult on cutting-edge digital infrastructure solutions, Inflect ensures a seamless, efficient experience. Dive into this guide to master the nuances of initiating your journey on the Inflect portal, and grasp the myriad facets of account ownership.

Step 1: Embark on

Kick off your digital infrastructure exploration at Spot the "Sign Up" icon at the top right and click to input your email, which will be your primary touchpoint on the platform.

Step 2: Authenticate Your Email

Post email submission, await a verification mail from Adhere to the mail's guidelines to confirm your email, fortifying your account's security in the process.

Step 3: Navigating Account Ownership

Registering with a corporate domain email? seamlessly integrates you into your company's internal "team" on the portal. If your enterprise already thrives on the platform, the designated account admin will receive an authorization ping. Post their nod, you're in the team!

Being the pioneer from your firm to register? You're bestowed with the "owner" title. This mantle comes with:

  • Service Providers: As the prime quoting contact, efficiently manage and respond to quote solicitations via Inflect's state-of-the-art quoting tool.
  • All Enterprises: As the captain, you can rally and approve team members, fostering collaboration and enhancing platform communication.

Step 4: Tailoring Ownership & Duties

Should the ownership responsibilities clash with your role, fret not. Post registration, connect with's dedicated Customer Success Specialists. They'll reroute quote requests and transition ownership to the apt contact. Know the right person? Directly invite them and transfer the reins.

Step 5: Define Your Role on

Post email validation, you'll be prompted to earmark your platform objective. Options include:

  • Buy: Scout solutions and dispatch quote solicitations for intriguing services.
  • Sell: As a vetted digital infrastructure service provider, bid on customer requests within the portal.
  • Advise: Operate as a third-party consultant, researching and dispatching quote solicitations for clients.

Step 6: Share Your Contact & Corporate Details

For a tailored and swift service, Inflect mandates your contact and corporate details during sign-up. This expedites your request processing and accelerates the review phase for quote solicitations and provider deal registrations.

Embarking on the Inflect portal unlocks a universe of opportunities in buying, selling, or consulting on avant-garde digital infrastructure services. Adhering to the above steps ensures a hassle-free registration, empowering you to leverage Inflect's prowess for your enterprise's aspirations.

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