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Streamlining Your Procurement Process

Effortless Quoting with Inflect's Digital Infrastructure Tool

The Inflect Quote Tool is designed to revolutionize the digital infrastructure procurement process. As a feature exclusively available to registered users, it enables direct quote requests to chosen providers for essential services like colocation, internet connectivity, and point-to-point transport.

Our tool is dedicated to removing complexities from the digital infrastructure buying journey. It accelerates the quote generation process, empowers users to compare prices from multiple providers simultaneously, and ensures a seamless experience. To leverage this tool, ensure you're logged into your verified Inflect account. For account setup guidance, refer to our guide on Getting Started with Inflect.

Access the Quote Tool from the Inflect homepage by navigating to "Quote Tool" under the Solutions section or by clicking “Request Quote” from any page during your exploration.

How to Use the Inflect Quote Tool for Digital Infrastructure Services

  1. Service Selection: Begin by choosing the digital infrastructure services you need, from colocation to internet access and point-to-point connectivity.
  2. Requirement Details: Provide specifics like preferred location, power needs, contract duration, and any unique requirements such as diversity needs.
  3. Detailed Submission: For a swift quote generation, furnish detailed answers to our standard qualifying questions, including business needs, service specs, provider preferences, and more.
  4. Expert Assistance: Our team excels in advisory services, leveraging deep industry insights and a vast provider network to source intricate solutions. If your needs extend beyond the quote form, Contact Us directly.

Post submission, our Customer Success team ensures completeness before forwarding your request to the chosen providers. Providers can then update and upload your quote directly, notifying you once ready. Manage all quotes via your Projects view, accessible by clicking on your profile icon and selecting “Projects.”

Additional Features for Enhanced User Experience

  • Instant Pricing: Some locations offer an “Instant Pricing” feature, currently exclusive to Zayo DIA circuits for on-net locations. However, expect more providers and products to integrate soon.
  • Buy Now Option: Ready to finalize a bid? Click “Buy Now” to initiate the contract process. Contracts are signed directly with the provider, but Inflect's Customer Success team oversees the entire process, ensuring top-tier service at every phase.
  • Future Enhancements: Inflect aims to introduce a fully integrated transaction process within the portal for an even smoother experience. Stay updated with our Product Development news!

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