Solana Server Program FAQs

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Understanding Solana's Role in Digital Infrastructure

Dive deep into the intricacies of Inflect's Solana Server Program, a cornerstone in the digital infrastructure landscape. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. RPC vs. Validator: What's the Advantage?

In the blockchain ecosystem, RPC and Validators serve distinct roles. While Validators are pivotal in validating blockchain transactions, RPC providers bridge users to the applications they've anchored on the blockchain.

2. Operating System Setup: Is it Pre-Installed?

The digital infrastructure providers under Inflect's umbrella support a variety of OSs, with Ubuntu being a universal choice, endorsed by Solana. Deploying any server within the program will prompt the installation of your selected operating system. Rest assured, it's a user-friendly procedure!

3. What's the Support Landscape for the Server?

These are managed servers. Hence, providers oversee the hardware, digital connectivity, colocation, and physical security dimensions. Users are granted access to bootstrap, initiate, and operate the server.

4. Bandwidth Requirements for Validators: Beyond 64TB?

For a majority of validators, the stipulated 64TB suffices. However, if consumption exceeds, Inflect ensures competitive overage rates to optimize your expenditure.

5. Cryptocurrency Payments: An Option?

Currently, the program's providers haven't embraced crypto payments.

6. Security Protocols: How Robust Are They?

Prioritizing digital infrastructure security, servers are housed in fortified facilities, boasting elite access control, security measures, and power safeguards. As you lease a bare metal server, the onus of remote security configuration rests with you, ensuring no unauthorized remote access.

7. Taxation & Fees: How Are They Computed?

Tax implications hinge on your geographic location and are appended by the provider. The exact interpretation of local taxes and fees varies across providers. However, the conclusive pricing, inclusive of taxes, will be ratified by the provider during the onboarding finale.

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